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Join our fastest growing network of professional contractors and service providers.

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$ 30.00

Join our fastest growing network of professional contractors and service providers. Contractor Registration on $30/Month plus unlimited contractor leads and bids.
-Register today and take advantage of our low monthly fee.
To only add your Contractor Business to our Directory for Free CLICK HERE
-Ask yourself these questions:
    Do you want to advertise your business for $30/month?
    Do you want unlimited leads and bids for just $30/month?
    Want to start receiving reviews from real customers on your company and services?
    How about getting your company listed for free in our contractor directly with a link to your website and your phone number?
    Would you like to correspond with potential customers before bidding?
    Do you want discounted prices on professional websites designs?
    Do you want to recive new job leads directly and indirectly to your website
    Get  customers to visit your website.
    Affiliate program which will pay for every customer or contractor you refer us to. (Coming soon)
            If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place. We offer all the aforementioned services along with so much more. Sign up at today and start receiving tons of new job bids and leads. 
After Completing new contractor registration form you must complete  This step  in order for you to start receiving new jobs bids and leads.
Company Name

Phone #

-We help and  supporting local small business.
-Since 2010 we have connected thousans of contractors to potential customers.
-$30 per month plus Unlimited bids and leads!
-Log in to your account and add/edit existing information and categories, zip code, profile, and more.
-Start receiving bids !
Frequently asked question:
-Can I cancel my service at any time?
Yes, there is no contract.
-How does the contractor rating system work?
After completing a job for a customer, they will be able to submit ratings and reviews of your services. These ratings cannot be bought.
-How many leads will I receive each month?
The amount depends solely on the services you provide, the demand for said services in your area, the amount you bid, and your ratings.
-How are we different than other leads and jobs generating websites?
We want to save your time and money. Unlike our competitors, we only charge one flat monthly fee and we do not charge for dead leads. We also do not charge if you are not the first one to make a call on a bid, and only one contractor is able to win a job at a time.
-How does our bidding system work?
One word: Simplicity. There must be at least three bids present for the bid to be executed. If there is not enough bids, the system will wait 24 hours before finalizing. Once finalized and executed, the winning contractor will be contacted either by email or under the ‘leads’ category in their account. Customers have the option of searching our directory of contractors to propose a job directly or inviting them to bid on their project.
-Why do we only charge $30 per month compared to competitor companies that charge per lead $10, $20, and $50?
To save you money! As a contractor, I know how horrible it is to be charged so much for leads that go absolutely nowhere. That’s why I decided to create a website where any sized business could find new customers at an affordable rate. By charging a smaller fee, more contractors will sign up to boost internet presence and knock out overcharging big corporations.
-What other benefits will I receive using this service?
Company listing in our extensive directory with your phone number and website address.
Backlinks to your website. (Which will boost your search engine rankings.)
Discounts on professional websites designs and updates.
Completely customizable profile page. (Add/delete categories, update information, add photos, etc)
Affiliate program which will pay for every customer or contractor you refer us to. (Coming soon)
Advertising your business on social media sites, search engines, classifieds, blogs, and more.
Correspond with potential customers before bidding (Coming soon)
Discount on web hosting.
-How will I receive job bids and leads?
You will receive notifications by email and text message for new job postings in your area that match your services and zip code. By clicking on the provided link you will be redirected to the job page where you can review and bid.
-Is my credit card information safe?
Yes. We use PayPal instead of credit cards to ensure transaction safety.

Please remember you may only bid once. Once you have received confirmation of a winning bid you will automatically receive customer contact information. It is solely your responsible to contact the customer and set up appointments. The customer reserves the right to change his/her mind or cancel a job at any time. Only one contractor will receive customer information. You are responsible to provide proper permits and follow Local and State laws. All collections or disputes will be hendled by you or your company between you and your customer only. 
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