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L-Flower Bed Cleanup

Fairfield, TX 77433

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Fairfield Cypress Tree cutting and tree removal service

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Lawn Maintenance | Grass Cutting Service in Fairfield Cypress TX
Lawns shall be mowed more frequently during the active growing season and as needed
during all other seasons. During extended rainy or dry periods mowing will take place as conditions dictate.

Mowing height will be determined based on the horticultural standard for the turf variety and season.


Landscape Bed Maintenance Fairfield 
Weed control service shall keep beds reasonably free of broad leaf or grassy weeds, preferably with

pre-emergent and/or post emergent contact herbicides. Weeds over 1' will be pulled during initial treatment.

Landscape Bed Mulching Fairfield 
We offer mulching services with numerous options to choose from.  We guarantee a fast estimate and quick

 turnaround on all mulch jobs.  We also offer decorative rock coverings as well, contact us today for a free mulch estimate.

Our year round Lawn Maintenance helps to keep your yard looking great in any season.  We start summer time weekly from (May to October) and then start winter time every other week (Bi-weekly) from ( November to April ). We service your property up to 40 times a year and offer programs to fit most budgets


How to Overseed Annual Rye in Grass Fairfield Cypress

Overseeding warm-weather grass turfs with annual ryegrass creates a green lawn year-round.  Bermudagrass lawn is the recommended warm-weather grass that tolerates ryegrass introduction and overseeding. Zoysia and centipede grasses may be damaged by overseeding of the cool-weather annual. The best time to overseed a warm-weather lawn is in late October through November, or after the first frost.


Why You Should Aerate Your Lawn in Fairfield

Have you really looked at your lawn lately and noticed it just doesn’t look very healthy? You are probably pondering about what could be going on and what could be causing this issue. If, after you have checked for insects, worms, disease, improper watering and know that your lawn is properly fertilized, you might consider aerating your lawn. Aerating my lawn? What is aerating and why should I do it?

Aerating is the process of inserting holes in your lawn for better water absorption, nutrient absorption and helping in the process of eliminating thatch. The problem starts when the top four inches of soil becomes extremely hard and compact

About our lawn Mowing service in Fairfield Cypress

Hi my name is Matt I am the owner of and resident of Fairfield. We are committed to providing you with quality lawn care service in Fairfield. I like to thank you for supporting your local business in Fairfield Cypress Texas. All our purchases for our business are only purchased in Cypress local businesses this will keep our economy and local businesses growing, we are committed to supporting local communities and local businesses in this tough economic times. All of our employees our legal residence of United States of America we do not hire illegals. This is very important to keep our local economy growing. Please help us to keep our economy growing and don't hire illegals, for the same price we can provide you with quality lawn care service. Our lawn service starts as little as $25 per service this includes mowing, weed eat, edging, and blowing sidewalks and driveways the only difference is that we pay taxes and support our local economy.             

 Text your address today for free estimate 281-746-6001

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